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Socks and drugs ‘n’ rock ‘n’ roll,

Are all my brain and body needs,

Socks and drugs ‘n’ rock ‘n’ roll,

Are very good indeed …





the Blacksocks

Some 2013 Gigs

 29 June 2013  Music Festival  Swillington Organic Farm  Leeds   

 22 June 2013  Lindley Woodstock  Burley in Wharfedale   

 5 May 2013 May Day Event at Inkwell in Leeds

 10 January 2013 ClothCat Event at the Chemic Tavern  Leeds

An appreciative audience saw the band put on their acoustic socks at the inkwell. Toned down & more subtle than usual the set worked well.

The Blacksocks feeling at home in this lovely venue . The friendly, positive ethos & vibe @ Inkwell is always inspiring. Playing early in the afternoon enabled  us to enjoy an afternoon of great music which included sets from Moose, The Speed Dinosaurs and many others. 

 6 December 2013  Instrumental Night at Inkwell  Leeds   

The Blacksocks were invited to open the show of this well established event. The set woke up campers, gathered a crowd & set up the day perfectly

Swillington 2013 -The Cowshed Blues

The 2013 event was a celebration of the farm amid the emergence of the threat from the proposed Hs2 railway line. The Blacksocks were joined by Cian Stanworth (a poet who has returned every year since and whose delivery & writing go from strength to strength), as well as the returning Scott Doonican & A Pocketful O'Nowt. When their singer - Mad Mike O’Brien surfaced the following morning he was smelling sweeter than normal - he had been sleeping in the silage!