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Socks and drugs ‘n’ rock ‘n’ roll,

Are all my brain and body needs,

Socks and drugs ‘n’ rock ‘n’ roll,

Are very good indeed …





the Blacksocks

Some 2014 Gigs

11 October 2014 - The Loft  Grand Arcade  Leeds  

 5 July 2014 Music Festival  Swillington Organic Farm  Leeds   

 6 June 2014 Inkwell  Leeds    

The band were delighted to carry their PA through a crowded Casa Columbia then play 2 sets of quirky tunes in The Loft above. Blacksocks & black coffee were a perfect combination.

Le Tour de Ferme. Scarecrows were made then put on bicycles to celebrate the day of Le Grand Depart. 200 people witnessed The Blacksocks & friends provide an alternative to the glitz & glamour with a storming night in the cowshed

David & Len did a short acoustic folk blues set inside  before the band closed the show in the garden at another day of positivity & friendship at Inkwell

 4 May 2014 May Day event at the Inkwell Leeds