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Socks and drugs ‘n’ rock ‘n’ roll,

Are all my brain and body needs,

Socks and drugs ‘n’ rock ‘n’ roll,

Are very good indeed …





the Blacksocks

Audio Tracks

The 3 tracks playable below were Recorded at Czar Street Studios in Leeds in 2016 and were The Blacksocks first Studio Recordings. Many thanks to David Whittaker, Jonny Mawson and Mike Jolly for making it happen!

The 3 songs recorded are our own compositions and we hope that our enjoyment in being able to record them in such a friendly yet professional way comes across.

Take Us


Monsters of Pop

All tracks are copyright of The Blacksocks.

If you would like to license any of our original compositions then please Email us using our Communicate page.

This track is set to an original poem by Tony Martin-Woods which can be found below.. Listen as The Blacksocks provide a swirling soundscape. The word from Southern Spain suggests that the poem’s author is quite pleased with the result.


The band’s take on Eurovision, X Factor and manufactured pop in general. A world which contrasts with our organic, do it yourself attitude. Reminder - Bucks Fizz never did a gig in a cowshed!!

The lyrics are inspired by a phrase used by our Catalan founding members. The hookline Manana por la Manana came to mean that something is not going to happen. Well, at least, not any time soon. Why panic? What’s the rush? Manana can last a lifetime ….


In minds that forgot their own code

The truth no one wants to know

The waves of the sea as they go

Take us to the lands with no shame
Take us to the lights that fear nowt
Take us to the fields where it’s love
What birds, and farmers, jointly grow

Talk to the mums with no children
Fight for the flowers with no say
Give to the miners of Mexborough
The justice those Tories took away

Smile to the homeless who is begging
For a night, some soup and the warmth
Of our notes as they burn in the fire
Of his notes, in the bank of England’s stove


Take Us       by Tony Martin-Woods

Getting There

With the world currently in a downward spiral of factionalism and intolerance The Blacksocks present their call for community spirit and solidarity. Layered voices and guitars in this recording session add to a distinctive Americana type sound where The Blacksocks encompass a range of styles and genres.  


Lagrimas Negras (Black Tears)

Bit by Bit

Obscure Records

This traditional Cuban drinking song was written by Miguel Matramoros in 1929. It has been adopted by the band since their earliest days. In this recording our resident Spanish speaker and bassist Antonio’s vocal talents are to the fore, with his experience with Leeds College of Music’s Cuban Music Ensemble coming in useful at last.

Like Take Us this is another of Antonio’s poems set to music by Pete. The Jazzy style is reminiscent of Bohemian Cafes. But before the smoking ban came into force!!  

Antonio’s poem can be seen below.

Choppy and jangling Guitars characterise this Indie style, tongue in cheek tour, of late 1980’s pop life. New chapters of the bible that was NME came out every Thursday and informed about all that the Indie kids lived their life by. The more obscure your favourite band the hipper you were.

Bit by Bit       by Tony Martin-Woods


By Bit

By Little



Keeps coming


Soft Waves

Sounds that

Can trickle

Down through

your ears


Your brain


Your Animal



By bit

By little bit


By bit

By little bit


That blind you


No limit

Taste of

your apple

Comes to

my rescue


No end


Your Animal Brain


Oh data

Date her

Oh date her


By bit

By Little


In January 2019 three years on from their first recordings The Blacksocks returned to Czar Street Studios to record 3 more of their own songs plus a cover version of an old Cuban song they have made their own. The recordings were were produced by the excellent and generous David Whittaker to whom we send our compliments and gratitude.

We hope that you can hear that our sound has evolved and diversified over the last three years resulting in that we feel is our best work yet.

The new tracks are presented below for your hearing and a further section with our  recordings from 2016.

Sleeve Notes.The following audio Tracks - Bit by Bit, Obscure Records and Getting There all written and performed by The Blacksocks. Lagrimas Negras was written by Miguel Matamoros and performed by The Blacksocks. All songs Copyright of The Blacksocks January 2019. The songs are available for licence - please email using our Communicate page.

The five Blacksocks amigos - Pete  Len  Deryk  Antonio  Dave - at Czar Street Studios